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Hisense 32 Inches Smart Frameless TV

Hisense 32 Inches Smart Frameless TV

KSh 19,995.00

Hisense 40 Inch Smart Full HD LED TV

KSh 30,995.00
Hisense 40 Inch LED TV

Hisense 40 Inch Smart Frameless LED TV

KSh 28,995.00


Screen size: 40 inches

Resolution: 1920x1080P


HDMI inputs: 2

USB slots: 2

Dolby Audio: Yes

Alexa built-in: Yes

Processor: Quad-core

Display Technology: LED

Remote One-Touch Access: Yes

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The Hisense Smart Frameless LED TV model features a screen size of 40 inches and 1920x1080P resolution. Hisense A4G TV connects to an external device on the available 2 HDMI inputs and 2 USB slots.  The Hisense A4G Full HD TV  clean view technology automatically analyses input signals and optimizes images to make them perfect.

It has  DTS Virtual: X that creates an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience and game mode/sport mode that lets you enjoy an immersive stadium experience in your living room. Hisense 40A4G works with Amazon Alexa that lets you control your TV using your voice. The Hisense 40A4G runs on VIDAA U4 the hub of all your entertainment TVshows


DTS Virtual X automatically recognizes dialogue and separates it out from background noise so as to give you a a clear audio experience. DTS Virtual is familiar to Dolby Atmos but has a difference in the speaker configuration.

It works with standard surround speaker setups unlike Dolby Atmos which requires added overhead channels. Users will therefore enjoy getting 3 dimensional sound that does not require the presence of upward-firing speakers to work effectively.


Basically, this feature delivers more rich and diverse color and widens the color for a richer presentation even in darker areas. It further presents a wider color gamut and as many color gradations for showing you true colors.

You will be able to view your TV with color in the way that its meant to be. This feature maximizes your TV’s color reproduction and takes your viewing to the next level.

It can skillfully support sports, box sets and even movies. Users will enjoy watching everything in enhanced true-to-life color and in the manner that they were meant to be.


It  is a good TV for gaming through the Sports mode. The feature will keep the game on and further allow you to watch the action unfold seamlessly. It performs well by reducing blur and screen lag and enhancing clarity. Additionally, it also gives you a smooth picture and fluid action.

Moreover, Game mode will boost your chances of winning various games with Game mode. It is designed for fast-paced action and sports game. It also ensures that reduced lag brings out quicker reaction times that can also be replicated onscreen.

For a better gaming TV check out Hisense U7G.


Hisense 40A4G comes with VIDAA U5 OS which is personalized, intuitive and smart. The OS also works by simplifying the traditional smart TV user interface with one dimensional ribbon. The TV allows users to fully customize sources and apps that they want to see on a single menu. It is also able to detect any connected external devices and will therefore give users a faster experience.


The TV allows one  to use Alexa through Remote NOW app that gives you assisted control through your phone. You will easily search across the VIDAA U platform or use any Alexa skill.

The Alexa Built in feature will give you a better chance of voice control. It also allows you to have an easy access to controls rather than continuously pressing your remote buttons to find what you have. Using it, you will also be able to control smart home accessories and have basic questions.


 The user will get One Touch Access by simply pressing one of the dedicated app buttons on the Hisense Remote. This will therefore give you faster access to your favorite TV apps.

Free view Play will enable you to catch up on the last 7 days of TV. Additionally, you can also be able to pause and rewind as you watch live from ITV Hub, BBC i-Player and others.


Hisense A4G is perfect for several uses and features an intuitive and customizable Operating system for quicker access to your favorite entertainment from Netflix, YouTube Free view Play etc.

This TV comes before Hisense A6G and will give you live streaming and everything else that is smart. It offers a vivid picture and a further great sound enjoyment through DTS Virtual X.

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